Custom Process Equipment

Get equipment to your exact specifications with custom-designed and custom-built process equipment.

Energy Fabrication Specialists Since 1942

Custom Design & Fabrication for Your Equipment

We make sure you get the exact piece of equipment you need. Whatever you need, we’ll bring your idea to life.

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Expert Team

No matter the project, our team of 200 plus experts can help create the equipment for your exact specifications. From design to fabrication, our team can handle it.

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Industry Knowledge

If you need custom equipment in the energy sector, our knowledge will help you get it done. Oil and gas, renewable energy, and related areas are our specialty.

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7 Decades

Over 7 decades is how long we’ve been in business. With that much experience comes the ability to make any project come to life, including filtration units, instrument air tubing, and more.

Multiple Facilities

3 Locations

Whether you need to meet at our Calgary office or you need equipment in Medicine Hat or Nisku, we have locations in all 3 areas. Get the expertise and equipment where you need it.

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Over 150,000 Sq Ft

That’s how big our combined facility space is. Whatever project you need equipment for, big or small, we have the space to make it happen.

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100% Vertically Integrated

We handle the whole fabrication process from the top down. This allows us to pass on greater cost savings, quality, and reliability to you.

Vertical view on oil and gas equipment


Team Members

Year Experience

Higher Quality in Less Time

100% vertical integration means you get better quality and faster turn-around times.

Experience really does make all the difference. We’ve been in the business for nearly 80 years, which means you benefit from:

Cost certainty

Industry knowledge

More About Custom Equipment

Each custom equipment project is built to your exact specifications.

Specifications & Features

In-house NDE

We do non-destructive examination (NDE) in-house. That means we offer competitive pricing and quicker turn-arounds on the equipment you need.

We do post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) on-site resulting in quicker project execution and cost certainty.

Every piece of custom equipment is built to your exact specifications. If you have a project in mind, we can help bring it to life through design, fabrication, and project management.


Built with Safety in Mind

Whatever safety specifications are relevant to your industry, company, or piece of equipment, we make sure to meet them. Safety is always top of mind.

Meeting the Highest Standards

We build every piece of equipment to the highest standards–our standards. In doing this, we make sure all equipment meets or exceeds safety requirements.

Custom Process Equipment
Custom Process Equipment
Custom Process Equipment