Sand Separators

Low-pressure, spherical sand separators to keep your facility running trouble-free.

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Spherical Sand Separators

Our sand separators are built to our high standards to keep your processing facility operating smoothly.

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Our low-pressure sand separators are built to handle pressures of up to 5000 PSI, while still being compatible with low-pressure systems.

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Spherical Design

The spherical design provides a larger surface area, increasing the solids holding volume. This allows for less sand dumping and wear and tear.

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Compact Size

The compact size of our sand separators allows them to be placed on almost any site. Each sand separator is 48 inches.

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Industry Specialists

If you need a sand separator for the energy sector, our knowledge will help you get it done. Oil and gas, renewable energy, and related areas are our specialty.

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100% Vertical Integration

We own the process from top to bottom. That means we deliver better quality, faster turn-around times, and greater cost reliability.

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7 Decades

We’ve been in business for almost 80 years. With our experience, we have the ability to make any project come to life.

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Higher Quality in Less Time

100% vertical integration means you get better quality and faster turn-around times.

Experience really does make all the difference. We’ve been in the business for nearly 80 years, which means you benefit from:

Cost certainty

Industry knowledge

More About Sand Separators

Find the sand separator that works for you.

Specifications & Features

Spherical Design

The design provides a larger cross-sectional area, while still being 48 inches. This creates a sand separator that is compact yet efficient.

Up to 5000 PSI

Our sand separators can handle pressures of up to 5000 PSI, but are also compatible with low-pressure systems.

Leasing Options

If you’re looking to rent or lease a sand separator, contact SegreTECH for more information.


    Safety Is Our Priority

    Whatever safety specifications are relevant to your industry, company, or equipment, we make sure to meet them. Safety is always our priority.

    Setting the Standard

    Everything we build is built to the highest standards–our standards. In doing so, all equipment we make meets or exceeds safety requirements.

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