Treaters & FWKOs

From custom-designed to standard packages, we can help build the treater or FWKO that’s right for you.

Energy Fabrication Specialists Since 1942

Treaters & FWKOs Built for You

We’ll work with you to find the treaters or FWKO to meet your needs, including vertical and horizontal orientations.

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Standard & Fully-Custom

We offer both standard packages and totally custom equipment. Our team will work with you to find the treater or FWKO that’s best for you.

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Vertical & Horizontal

We have treaters and FWKOs for every job site. Whether you’re looking for vertical or horizontal equipment, we can help.

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100% Vertical Integration

From start to finish, our team can handle it all. We can work with you on design, fabrication, finishing, project management, and more.

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Expert Team

Our team has over 200 dedicated professionals. We can help with all elements of treaters and FWKO equipment from design to assembly.

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Industry Specialists

That’s how big our combined facility space is. Whatever project you need equipment for, big or small, we have the space to make it happen.

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7 Decades

We’ve been in operation since 1942. We have the experience to help you choose the right treaters and FWKOs to fit your needs.

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Team Members

Year Experience

Higher Quality in Less Time

100% vertical integration means you get better quality and faster turn-around times.

Experience really does make all the difference. We’ve been in the business for nearly 80 years, which means you benefit from:

Cost certainty

Industry knowledge

More About Treaters & FWKOs

Manufactured in Alberta

Specifications & Features

Vertical & Horizontal

We offer treaters and FWKOs in both vertical and horizontal orientations, so you can choose whichever fits your job site best.

Standard Designs

If you’re looking for a basic treater or FWKO, one of our standard designs can get you your equipment in less time.

Custom Equipment

If one of our standard packages isn’t what you’re looking for, we also offer fully custom treaters and FWKOs.


Safety Is Our Priority

We build to meet every piece of equipment to the highest standard–our standard. This allows us to meet or exceed safety requirements.

Treaters and FWKOs
Treaters and FWKOs
Treaters and FWKOs
Treaters and FWKOs